Saturday, February 23, 2008

This weekend: See the film 'Invisible' on Trinidad Express TV

One of the illustrations from 'Invisible', used to illustrate bits of Veronica's story as their faces could not be shown.
To see the whole 'Invisible' video, please visit and click on the screen at the top of the page that says "Click to view web news". It will be running until Sunday, so don't miss your chance to see it.
Below is a letter I received this evening from Robert Cordner, based in Botswana, after his viewing of 'Invisible' on Trinidad Express TV. (Letter published here with his permission):

I have been privileged to have seen your production on the Trinidad Express website and was moved by this woman’s bravery as well as disgusted that as Trinidad & Tobago citizens we have lost the ability to be empathic about HIV / AIDS in 2008. We have a national vision 2020 which has within it components of what banto people call BOTHO, meaning humanity. If we can fire a woman because of her status and prevent her kids from being educated because of their status, then something is really wrong with our society, and I can now understand why so many social ills exist.

I currently live and work in Botswana , Southern Africa , a country that at one time had the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in the world. I have lost more friend and acquaintances in the last 10 years in Botswana than I have in a whole life time at home in Trinidad . I have friends that are HIV positive and have known orphans to the disease.

I think that your efforts are in the right direction and will make an attempt to contribute to Veronica’s house. Should you need any information what so ever in terms of program management for HIV / AIDS related intervention strategies, please feel free to contact me.


Robert Cordner



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was really touching for me looking at this interview. It's really unbelievable that she has been evicted from her home and her daughter who is innocent in all this must go through this and for her the discrimination has just begun. You and your family Veronica are in my prayers. Keep strong and don't lose faith if only for your young ones

4:53 PM  
Blogger Hope said...

Did you also do the music for the film?

8:13 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Yes, I did all the music.

9:15 PM  

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