Monday, August 22, 2005


I will be leaving the country on Wednesday for a short while and most likely will not be updating the blog until I return (next Monday, 29th August). Tomorrow I will upload The "Mother to a Child" video and leave you with that over the few days that I am gone. It is a fairly long song (about 5 mins) and therefore may take long to download depending on your speed.
Wishing all of you an interesting and enlightening week.
Tomorrow: Mother to a Child video.


Anonymous Chris said...

this is Chris...i was very please with your answers to the questions. i would be honored to go out with u some have a way with words that i haven't seen from a lot of women.
i plan to visit your island in the near future..we should meet up..

continue enlightening the world with your words.


8:02 PM  

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