Friday, September 02, 2005

*Astral visit*

In last night's dream I went to visit a friend who lives abroad. She had sent me (by e-mail) a beautiful aerial photo of a sailboat on open sea with the subject heading "Hope". It was a large white sailboat with brilliant white sails - and the sea around it was frothing like white lace. Beyond that, the open sea was a dark grey in stark contrast. The feeling I got from it was freedom and strength. It felt like she was saying that she had made an escape yet discovered home in one blow. In the dream, when I visited, she did not look like herself. Her eyes were brown and her face was different, but it was her. When I was in her apartment, I touched something in the kitchen sink and suddenly there were little transparent fibres (like how fibre optic cables look in microscopic close up shots) stuck to my fingers - almost as though they were growing out of my fingertips. I couldn't get them off. The more I tried to pull them off, they became transparent, rubbery globules encased around my finger tips. I eventually managed to peel them off quite easily, as though they were a second skin. I'm not sure why ... but I woke up feeling extremely at peace and very still internally, as though I had been given some kind of power and assurance of the supreme but simple knowledge that everything that happens is for the greater good.


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