Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My batteries are recharged

I got back to Trinidad yesterday morning ... from a very heavenly, relaxing trip to St. Vincent and Bequia. For those who don't know, St. Vincent is an island in the Grenadines with a population of somewhere just over 100,000 people. Bequia is an island of approx 4 - 5,000 people about an hour from St. Vincent by ferry. My father was born and grew up in St. Vincent. The whole family went often when we were children to visit granny, grandpa, etc. I've been back once or twice over the past ten years and went back there this time to get my Vincentian passport - taking the opportunity to stay on and have a short but priceless holiday.
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Feet: Mine & Matthew's
I took my photographs to be developed and got them back this afternoon. The blue of the water in this shot (scanned) does not do justice to the bright turquoise of the Bequia waters. The image shows me and Matthew, sunburnt, dangling our feet off one of the jetties. Matthew is my cousin Nathalie's 8 year old son. He was spending 3 weeks in Bequia with Auntie Val & Uncle George (his grandparents/my mother's sister and her husband). They own some fabulous villas in Bequia, a stone's throw from the beach. I will highly recommend this as a destination to anyone who really wants to get away and rejuvenate. Bequia is about 7 square miles of 'nothing to do' but swim, eat, sleep and forget about everything else. You can also go fishing, tour the little nooks and crannies of the island, go for meals or drinks in quaint or exotic little restaurants and bars, go on yacht or boat rides, charter tours ... etc.
The sea water is clear and calm, like a massive pool - ranging in colour from clear to turquoise to aqua-green to deep blue. Matthew and I spent hours in the sea playing until night fell. A striking thing about Bequia is the sense of simplicity and safety. The two of us out there playing in the darkness of the evening (on a beach that was virtually void of people) was no cause for worry or concern. In this lightness and freedom, Trinidad felt far away and dense with unnecessary elements of life. Hearing news about TT from a distance (kidnappings, $700 million drug bust, etc.) was alien in comparison to the refreshing small island life and values.
I didn't feel to come back ... but flying in over Trinidad, the sight of the deep green mountains, plains and rivers was a good welcome home.


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