Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cloud 9

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Two birds flying over the beach in Bequia
Whenever I see birds soaring and dipping on wind currents I think it must be one of the happiest, most freeing and most exhilarating feelings in the world. Indeed a "Cloud 9" experience. As I wrote the title of the post, I wondered about that phrase 'Cloud Nine' and where it had originated. I came across many different sources of explanation - most of them similar, but some quite different from others. I like this one which gives it a Bhuddist slant
1. When last did you have a Cloud 9 experience?
2. Have you had a Cloud 9 experience yet for the day?
3. Does something you have planned for today have the potential to put you on Cloud 9?
4. Does a Cloud 9 experience have to be a big event? Or can it be small and simple?
5. Can you give someone a Cloud 9 experience?
6. Can someone give you a Cloud 9 experience?
7. Can a Cloud 9 experience be planned or must it be spontaneous, serendipitous and unexpected?
8. Will Cloud 9 ever be the shape that it was a second ago?
9. Is it possible to capture Cloud 9 and bottle it (and would you want to)?


Blogger Kaivalya said...

1. My most recent Cloud 9 experience was the day I brought Antara home. Before that was August 4th - when I received some unexpected and wonderful news from someone important to me.
2. I haven't yet had a Cloud 9 experience today.
3. I plan to spend much of the day cleaning - I doubt this will be a Cloud 9 experience!
4. It can be simple and small, or large and dramatic - the important quality is the intensity of emotion, and a sense of connection.
5. I believe you can do something that may take someone to Cloud 9, but the experience is theirs alone.
6. Someone can give me a Cloud 9 experience, but I have to be open to it.
7. A Cloud 9 experience could potentially be something planned, but I think the best ones are unexpected and serendipitous.
8. Cloud 9 changes shape, colour, feel, thought. It's changeable, never the same at all times or to all people.
9. I can't bottle Cloud 9 and I wouldn't want to. It's precious to me precisely because it's rare and unpredictable.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

1. My most recent Cloud 9 experience was last night as I fell asleep laughing.
2. Waking up this morning feeling light was a cumulonimbus experience.
3. This has the potential to be enjoyable: I’m having tea with a friend (we’ve themed it 'Certain-tea') and then we’re going to see a play called DOUBT (Hey - I’m now realising as I write it: Certainty followed by Doubt!)
4. I can’t predict what will be Cloud 9 (big or small). But I like simple things that are 'big' because of what they mean.
5. I can give – and what is experienced as the result of my giving is up to the person who receives.
6. Ditto.
7. A Cloud 9 experience is not about the ‘thing’ – whether planned or unplanned, big or small – it’s about the moment and what is felt in that moment due to many other factors that come together to make it happen that way.
8. No. Cloud 9 can never be the same shape. Its nature is to be everchanging.
9. No. I cannot and wouldn't want to bottle Cloud 9.

7:12 AM  
Blogger tracy j said...

1. Late Sunday night. Walking through my house
and got a “revelation” and suddenly things
didn’t bother me any more.

2. Can’t say really.

3. Yes. Work.

4. Small and simple usually works for me (most

5 I think you can invite them to come up to visit

6. Yes. Her name is René

7. It can happen how it chooses to happen. But
generally I find planning can be almost
frustrating rather than zen-like (for want of a
better phrase).

8. No. if it was we’d get bored. The beauty of
cloud nine is that it changes… every time

9. Capture through the eyes. I think I would want
to bottle it/keep it, to walk around with that
feeling everywhere every time. It’s like the
concept of having God in u … a beautiful

8:35 AM  

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