Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Internet Cafe

London, England
Tottenham Court area
Weather: bright and sunny, blue skies, pleasantly cold
I've never been an Internet Cafe person - and never really used them until this trip. No, that's not true. I used one once in Trinidad when my computer was down. But here I've used it twice (this being the second time). Both times I was walking around and, to kill two birds with one stone, I've stopped in at Internet Cafes: (1) to check mail (2) to sit down. I can also do this at home on Rose's computer, but this is fun as well. This particular cafe is crowded like a sardine tin. I'm sitting next to a man who just pointed out to me that I type very fast. I suppose because I've got to go soon - head back home, since it's 12:01 and I wanted to get back around 1:00, as we leave for the school a little before 2:00. The project is unfolding. Three of the boys started shooting their film yesterday and will continue today. They're enjoying themselves.
Had some bizarre dreams about Trinidad last night, so hope everything is okay with the country. I haven't been keeping up to date at all on what's been happening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like your energy and vibe is back up to full speed.
i guess you must be enjoying the cold weather ..i know if i was there i would be inside every chance i get.

Keep the pictures flowing when u get a minute.

probably it is best you don't know what is happening in Trinidad..relax & enjoy your time away.cock back and take in the brits.

oh quick know how folks always saying that well trinidad and the british are so you fine the slangs are the same? and have you meet any islanders on the streets yet?

5:01 PM  

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