Friday, February 17, 2006

Midas Touch

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The golden light of the late afternoon sun is a precursor ...
Pippa hangs around as I prepare to apply paint to the window. I wasn't going to paint it. I was going to leave it raw and as close to its original wood as possible. But yesterday evening when I went into the shed that has the paint, a little tin of gold lacquer called out to me from behind a spider's web ...
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This is the longest I've ever taken to make a window lamp. Normally I work ceaselessly at it and, within a few days, I'm done. This particular window has spent all of its time outside, obviously soaking up the elements. As a result, I thought it was going to be very raw, rustic and natural. I was surprised when my creative flow led me to use silver metallic sheeting on it ... and now gold paint. As I was cutting the sheeting that day, this phrase came into my head: "I come from a place that is not known ... and yet it is." (For those of you who looked at the video - that's what I was writing on the piece of sheet metal). I wonder ... what does that statement mean to you?

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The window leans against the water tank, as her new gold skin dries. Some more painting and cleaning needs to be done before I begin to work on the panes themselves.



Blogger Kaivalya said...

Lovely! I'm enjoying watching creative process unfold. Follow your intuition...:-)

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