Saturday, March 25, 2006


A short article in the Trinidad Express a few days ago briefly recaps a few aspects of the anti-smelter sensitisation meeting at CCA7.
Maybe I'll get back my computer tonight ... maybe Sunday. Not sure, as Hank (who's fixing it) will be at work until this evening. So ... tomorrow I will not be writing a blog entry, as internet cafes will be closed and I will be leaving home early to head for Cedros. This is in support of the people of the Southern Peninsula as they stage an anti-smelter inter-religious march. For those who are interested, it starts at 9:00 a.m. at Chatham junction and ends at the proposed smelter site, where an interfaith service will be held (the people offering the issue to the Divine). If you have never been to Cedros, it is worth the drive - and it is about time that 'north' people realise that south is not another country and that nationwide support is more effective. Whilst I don't really believe that marches 'change the world' and I think many people are somewhat immune to them ("Oh ... another march?"), anything at this point will create some added awareness for the anti-smelter movement. Those taking part will gain an added sense of solidarity ... and I feel the spiritual aspect will be powerful.

If you come, on the way down, you will see the ravaged hundreds of acres of Union Village. Multiply this image in your head and you will get an idea of what will happen to beautiful, forested Chatham/Cedros if this crime (smelter) is given thet go-ahead.


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i will be marching in spirit.
I have school tomorrow (extra class)

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