Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gaining the Moon

Over the past three days Diva lost and gained parts of herself. This time I didn't film the process. The first thing she lost was the orange backing behind the spaces in the pane with the film strips. Something else will go there.

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The orange part is now gone.

The second thing she lost was her uppermost glass pane. It was feeling too heavy, as if it wasn't meant to be there. The open space feels a lot freer and more open.

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That top pane with the strip of plaster across it's lower right segment is now gone. In this shot, Rose comes from behind Diva with her camera. This shot is from the other day up at the Mount, where she was interviewing me about Diva and other works. See the plains of Central Trinidad down below, in the distance.

After losing what she did, Diva gained the Moon. Quite 'ironic' timing for this development, as the 'real' moon is now full - or very near full. The Moon that she gained is not the typical round or quarter moon. It is a 'poetic license' Moon ... a rough envelope made out of chicken wire, filled with multicoloured semi-precious stones and bent slightly into gentle undulations. It will stretch horizontally across the now empty window frame, filling only about a half of it.

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Some of the stones that fill Diva's Moon, laid out on an old tree trunk.

Most of the stones are translucent, so when held against a source of light, their colours are illuminated. That day up on the Mount when Rose asked me what the top pane was going to be, I said I wasn't quite sure, but I knew it would involve the semi-precious stones. I had bought them because they seemed very Diva-ish: a cross between the jewelry of a fashion Diva and also representing the spiritual power stone meanings behind amethysts, rose quartz, etc. (which fits more with the Diva-as-Goddess part of her personality).

The idea for the Moon came when the topic of 'balance' came up in our conversation ... and I realised that with Diva's lowest pane representing the Sun (traditionally seen as male energy), it was only natural that the top pane would be the Moon (traditionally seen as female energy). With these two celestial bodies as a part of her being, all the more power to the Diva.



Anonymous webgrl said...

I am loving the evolution of the Diva.
It is powerful. Its almost like your limbs and the Diva are connected by cosmic puppet strings, gossamer strands.
Love it.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous webgrl said...

can't resist this.....the new letters are


(this is for the glass hermitage)

10:53 AM  
Anonymous theglasshermitage said...

I like it! Gentle undulations like the moon's belly. I hadn't noticed the orange backing behind the negatives before. But seeing it now, did you feel that it was too opague?..or would not have made the most of the backlighting? Looking forward to developments.

By the way, Webgrl, is that word supposed to rhyme with spectrym? Thought so! Tee hee!

9:03 PM  

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