Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In the internet cafe

Location: S. Augustine, Trinidad
Cafe: E-zone/E-force (or something like that. Not bad at all, at $5 an hour)

I am now in an internet cafe - came here to do some work. Amazing how as soon as my computer isn't around I suddenly get swamped with a set of work with deadlines of "this week". At least its writing work, so I can do that anywhere - even by hand, and then transfer to computer after. I'm hoping Firefly (my computer) is back by tomorrow.

Now without the computer it amazes me how much time I actually spend on it without even realising. Also makes me realise how much I 'need' it for the things I do now: editing (video), graphics and even photography (if using digital). Writing can be done by hand ... but e-mail, blogging and other more immediate aspects are not possible. It's amazing how many people communicate by e-mail now rather than via phone. I have to keep checking e-mail when I can to make sure I am not missing important messages. I myself do it, sending e-mails to clients, etc. when it's not absolutely necessary to talk. Sending documents, etc.

What were we doing before computers and cellular phones and all these modern conveniences came along? What if we suddenly (for some reason) had to go back to that? Would the world go crazy? Or would people be relieved and less stressed? I think many people would feel lost and wouldn't know what to do, how to operate.

In other news ... the anti-smelter sensitisation meeting went very well last night. Will report more on that when I am up and running again, can put photos, links to any newspaper reports/reviews, etc.


Blogger tracy j said...

i can't even remember numbers anymore.

I save them to my phone and that's it - finito! which is probably why i was in a tizzik/sadness when i lost my first phone [she was joy].

i think if we had to revert though, after a while we just might make it through. kinda like a coffee switch to decaf :-)

8:53 AM  
Blogger Webgrl said...

i would go batty without my techy stuff.
Tho it drives me nuts and we have a total love hate relationship i can't live (too long) without it.
Can't wait to hear more about the meeting i wish i'd skipped my group last nite to attend.
And yep.
That damned murphy again!
U get a crudload of urgent work when ur computer dies. never fails!

9:02 AM  
Blogger Kaivalya said...

I do love my geek toys! But when I deliberately take a break from the geekiness, I find it very calming. A few years ago, we had a big blackout - no electricity for days. The world instantly became a friendlier place. Everyone left their houses and started walking around, talking to their neighbours. There were acts of random kindness everywhere and spontaneous patio parties by candlelight. And you could see the Milky Way walking down Bloor Street. Enjoy your break from technology!

2:20 PM  

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