Friday, March 17, 2006


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The puppies minutes after being found.

At the request of a commentor, an update on the puppies I found the other day in the rubbish dump.

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Of the five female pups I took to the T&TSPCA, the pure white puppy has so far been the only one adopted. The others are 'doing well', but hopefully will find homes also.
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Dear Bongo.
Since being found, dear Bongo has passed through many hands. My friend R's housekeeper, P, had said she wanted him, so he stayed with me for one night (I was holding him for P, since it wasn't possible to take him for her that day). The next day I had trouble getting on to P by phone ... bla bla bla long story ... and finally, the afternoon I was to drop Bongo for her, someone called R and said her sister, K, wanted a puppy for a few days, to lift her spirits. So Bongo never made it to P (which was good because P decided a few days after that she didn't want him again anyway).
So Bongo spent a few days with K, being totally spoilt and adored. However, as K and her husband live in an apartment, she could not keep him and had to give him up, very tearfully. It was like seeing a mother part with her own child.
I took Bongo to Vinmer Vet Clinic, on the advice of Animal Welfare Network. They said they would find a foster home for him, as he is so young (6 weeks). He will be cared for there until a home is found.
Leaving him at Vinmer was a heart-rending experience. He didn't know why he was being abandoned after being spoilt for all those days (N.B. When I got him back from K he was smelling sweet and powdery and he had his own pink towel and a pink toy). He, the toy and the towel are currently in a playpen with another (older) puppy called Lucky (who apparently is his good friend now).
However ... a family who really loves dogs (they already have seven - most of them 'rescues') are seriously considering adopting Bongo. The good thing is, they see dogs as pets and not mere 'watchdogs'. Their little daughter has been begging for him, especially as she has never had a puppy of her own from puppy stage (all their dogs have so far been acquired beyond puppy stage). They have visited Bongo at the clinic, they like him and the little girl is still begging ... but the parents are still in let's-consult-each-other-and-decide-whether-or-not-to-adopt-him-as-we-have-seven-already phase.
I anticipate I will hear from them today with their verdict. Send out good vibes for the best outcome. I will 'pupdate' again when I know what transpires.


Blogger Webgrl said...

i'm sending banana vibes to bongo.
i'll explain the banana vibes soon.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous theglasshermitage said...

Thanks for the pupdate. Bongo's adventure continues. At least he has found a friend and the remaining sisters still have each other. Puppies need companionship, warm body or bodies to snuggle against.

Hmmmm? Webgrl, that banana is a rebel without a peel AND a left shoe. Sweet!

9:40 AM  

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