Thursday, March 09, 2006

Helconia (video clip)

As the video clip begins, note the presence of the little angel at the bottom right corner of the screen. (Also visible in below photo). S/he was quite curious about the camera but darted out of frame when I called out a direction to Angel.

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Location: Valencia. Everything on 'the set' we found as is,
down to the umbrella hanging on the line.
All that has been added are the angel wings.
File size: 479 KB
Length: 23 seconds
File type: wmv
As we were driving through Valencia on Sunday, I was on the lookout for a clothes line to use in one of the sequences. I've always loved the thought of hanging pristine angel wings on a clothes line behind an old wooden shack in the country. We eventually passed an old wooden house at the side of the road and it looked ideal, so we stopped. A woman and two children peeped out and I asked if we could use their clothesline and two clothespins to shoot some footage for a project. The mother said sure - and we did our bit. It worked out smoothly. As we were departing, we gave some snacks to the two children (Angelboy had done the catering for our trip - delicious cheese sandwiches and a large bag of assorted corn curls, Cheezees, etc.)

I like the idea of the Angel picking up her wings from the clothes line. Something about that act suggests to me that angels are 'everyday people'.

Questions and observations arise:
1. When she is not wearing her wings is she any less of an angel?
2. People generally think of angels living in glowing, heavenly environments. Does this angel's seemingly 'poor' environment make her any less celestial?
3. What was it that she washed from her wings and why?
4. Does she wear different wings for different occasions?
5. Were those in fact her wings ... or was she merely a mortal who came upon them, found them beautiful and decided to put them on (thereby becoming an angel)? However, her actions suggest that she is already familiar with the wings.
6. Where is she going? She's on a mission of some kind ...



Anonymous Malik said...

I like the way you think. By the way things look i can tell this video would be another Original Art Work from you No doubt and i can't wait to see it when its done.
Dont 4get da Think Coat when doing what you do

Blessing Flowz

5:59 AM  

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