Sunday, April 16, 2006

More poems to Diva

Good to see that some more poems to Diva were submitted yesterday. Just a gentle reminder to those who submitted (or might submit) their poems without titles ... don't forget to put a title. If you've already written a poem without a title, you can add a title as a 'P.S.' and I will put it with your poem when I e-mail all the entries to the judge. I did mention "with title" in the rules, so you don't want the judge, J.A.H., to have any opportunity to disqualify you. I think she's pretty serious about her job.

Thanks to the Anonymous person who didn't want to 'compete', but just wanted to sing praises to the Diva. What an honourable gesture. I don't really like the word 'compete', anyway. This definition begins with "striving against others to attain a goal ... etc." I don't think the Spirit of Diva would encourage us to strive against others for anything. She's more of a harmonius being, who would encourage us to strive with others to achieve our goals and desires.

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However ... only two of the poems will be able to fit on the areas of the lamp that I have allocated for that purpose. Submit your poem here and you just might be one of the chosen two. New deadline: Wednesday 19th April, 2006 ... with winners to be announced on Friday 21st April, 2006. Hope you are all having an enjoyable Easter weekend.




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