Thursday, April 13, 2006

Write a poem to Diva

... and you could win your very own Diva Kit!

Diva loves to be adored. This characteristic of hers has inspired a special interactive phase which allows you to be directly involved in the creation of the Diva window lamp. How? By writing a poem to Diva. The two winning poems (one of which could be yours!) will be incorporated as part of the window lamp.
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1. Write an original four-line poem (with title) to Diva. Your poem can be one of admiration, adoration, love, respect, honour, awe ... and any such sentiments which Divas expect their fans to feel for them. Please be sincere, as Diva can smell hypocrisy a mile away.
2. Submit your poem in the comments section below this post. Try not to read other people's poems before you write yours. Diva doesn't like her fans to be influenced by other sources. She wants your offerings to be pure and undiluted.
DEADLINE: Tuesday 18th April, 2006 (Poems submitted after this date will not be acknowledged).
JUDGES: The two judges will be introduced in a separate post tomorrow.


NOTE: Submissions by those who wish to be "Anonymous" will not be accepted, as the winners will be required to send me their real names and mailing addresses via e-mail (in order to receive their prizes). If you want to use a code name or your regular blogging name in the comments section, that's fine. But if you win, you must reveal your real name (via e-mail) for postage purposes.
For those of you who may not be too familiar with Diva (or who may want a refresher on her life story), the following are all the links to the posts about her:



Blogger angelboy said...

Oh my God / Goddess ,

Spec I'm so trilled about this because these words I'm about to write have been rambling about in my mind for a while simply screaming to find a place to rest and i thihnk DIVA is their home. The little verse sums me up in all my DIVOLICIOUSNESS...and are really intended to make the purest heart fall maddly in love with the preson or cerature that owns these words....AS SUCH THE TITLE OF MY POEM IS SIMLPY ....



This is the purest declaration of truth I can give the world about myself and its not meant to be immodest just DIVA

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Church said...

my poem: Hail To The Diva.

Spot me from a mile away
And hail to my presences
For I am Natural, Graceful, and Timeless to age.
i found "Diva" to be quite a Queen..some one that desevers to be honored.

the poem was written in terms of how i viewed the "Diva"
Natural- made with a pure soul

Graceful- well constructed and easy on the eye

Timeless to age- whoever her new owner maybe age doesn't matter she is able to adjust to suit.

Her bright red color allows one to see her from far away and when within her presences you feel the need to respect such a creation.

i enjoyed the activity.

submitted by M.Church

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Gunanaguanare said...

Windows breaking free from their frames
Are released to be never open or shut
To be themselves, not holding anything within or without
Diva, help me to stand true in any light.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous theglasshermitage said...

Panes warmed by the sun and cooled by rain,
Steeped in the light that through them came,
From brother sun and sister moon,
Bring your Diva blessings to this room.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ciao bella!
Not interested in competing…just wanted to sing to the Diva.

Dancing Diva, clothed in fire
Come out of time to take us higher
Fill us with with love at work, at rest
Teach our souls to reach, to bless.

Dance in the dark with shadows looming
And in the light of flowers blooming
Dance to fill us with desire
Come out of time to take us higher

Dancing Diva,
Clothed in fire.
Come out of time,
To take us higher…

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Guanaguanare: the laughing gull said...

Oops! You ent realise is bird brain yuh dealin' wit??

Look mih title: "LUMINANCE"

BTW, yuh boy now reading de rules proper an' eh! no way dem postman cud evah reach wey I does live so if yuh like de lyrics ah drop on yuh, doh mine even if yuh cyah use dem on Diva, take dem nah? Is yours, paleets.
If Guanaguanare tell yuh so, is so.
Mweh ka allay!

11:46 AM  
Anonymous theglasshermitage said...

P.S. Title for the submission by theglasshermitage: Aura.

4:28 PM  
Blogger tracy j said...

Diva Vibrations (Di-vibrations)

Divibrations pour out
Like light it pours out
Like love it pours out
Like sunlight it rays, rays, rains on me.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:21 AM  

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