Sunday, April 30, 2006

Off to the prison we go

This morning I will be leaving early to go to Carerra Island Prison. One of my friends, Glen, is a member of the Brahma Kumaris (Raj Yoga). They are going to the prison tomorrow as part of their prison work (interfaith services, etc.) and, as there was one extra space on the trip, Glen asked me if I wanted to fill it. Of course I said yes. I remember when I was doing Criminology (my MPhil) at Cambridge, we went to Holloway Women's Prison in London on a 'field trip' and all left thinking that if that was what prisons were like, it wasn't such a bad thing to be there. At least the parts they showed us were quite like an all-inclusive hotel: Olympic size swimming pool, art room, comfortably clean cells, etc. And we were shown around the facility by a friendly, smiling inmate who came across as a proud woman giving us a tour of her home. I feel Carerra will not have such luxuries and tour guides.
In other news, Diva continues to answer questions for the public. Don't miss your chance to know the secrets of the Universe.



Blogger Kaivalya said...

Have fun in prison! ;-)

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