Friday, April 28, 2006

Side step

Diva will still be answering questions today ... so don't miss out on the opportunity to tap into the Cosmic connection.

However, I will briefly side step to introduce the Greenlight Network, a group formed earlier this year by my friend Glen and I. It started off as an 'environmentally conscious' group that would embark on various projects, but has evolved to embrace 'the healing of our inner and outer environments'. After all, what is one without the other?

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The Greenlight blog/website is a work in progress, as is Greenlight itself. Looking at the mix of people involved so far, we are not 'environmentalists' per se, but we are mainly artists/creative people, yoga practitioners, business people, high school students, UWI students ... and more ... appreciative of Nature, cognisant of the fact that there are issues to be addressed and developing creative solutions upon which we can act. We are all based in Trinidad & Tobago, but we are open to international members. Ironically, our first and only international member so far is another Elspeth from Tasmania (the island off Australia)!

I won't go into Greenlight too much here today, but ... if you feel you would like to be a member and be involved in (or kept abreast of) our creative projects, activism and the raising of awareness (in self and others), send an e-mail from the site and I will put you on our mailing list.



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