Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ask Diva

Dear Diva,

All of a sudden I find myself swamped with bread-and-butter type work, deadlines, meetings and various other tasks - all of which demand much of my time and make me unable to focus on You as I would like to. I would prefer to just be immersed in You. Please help.



Dear Confused,

I understand why you want to focus on me and not on writing meaningless ads about software and credit unions and having meetings to discuss public awareness and strategy. I represent the true freedom of your Creative Spirit and connection to the Divine. You currently do not feel as if these two things are present in any of your other tasks, but they are. You are never separate from your Creative Spirit or from the Divine. Everything carries important messages and lessons for you - which is why you are called to do these other things from time to time.

This present time dictates that you must be immersed in the mundane in order to bring balance to your process and direct your energy through other channels. Otherwise the parts of you that are applied to those tasks will get rusty and fall away. When immersed in the mundane, be in it, but not of it. In this way you will bring something new to (or see something new in) even the seemingly 'dullest' task.

Do not forget that you are committed to your Creative Spirit and that you have been consistent in following its directives (with increasing clarity and precision) since you were a child. Everything along this path is preparing you for the day when ... (you will know what I mean when that day comes).

Begin to cast away what is not needed.

Open up to what is there.

And do not fear.




Blogger Kaivalya said...

Diva is very wise! There's great wisdom in beauty - and beauty can be found everywhere, in all circumstances and all tasks (even if we must reach deep inside ourselves to draw it out).

7:32 AM  

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