Monday, August 28, 2006


My cat brought a huge lizard into my room the other day. I assumed he had brought it because its tail was missing. It was dark brown, almost black and abnormally larger and heavier than the regular woodslave. In fact it looked like some kind of mutation. For a few days it remained stuck to the wall (high up) moving around slowly. I thought it would one day just fall, being so heavy-looking. Every time I came into the room it was in another position and its colour was lighter. As of this morning it is an almost whitish grey. I thought it was dying.

This morning as I woke up (and, as I do every morning since it's been here) I looked at the piece of wall where it had been during the night to make sure it was there and not in my bed. It was gone. I hoped it was outside. Not to be so. It had crawled down to the bottom of the wall, almost near to the floor at the left side of the bed.
I was going to get a bucket and scoop it up, but I procrastinated. I think today's lesson is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Just now out of the side of my eye I saw it crawling purposefully and rapidly (so much for being nearly dead) toward my clothes cupboard (which is against the wall). I ran toward the door of the cupboard which was slightly ajar and pressed it shut to ensure that it could not get in. But I think the lizard had an ability like mice and rats which can squeeze through all kinds of crevices. Before I knew it, the creature was in my cupboard! Aaargh! How am I going to get it out? And what am I going to wear today?


Blogger Webgrl said...

thank goodness i happened over to ur blog.
This is what you do, you stay in your pajamas and call THE NEAREST BOY!!!
don't go near that closet!!

and i'm not procrastinating today i'm calling my thesis a color changing lizard. I better start scooping!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Between me (bucket) and mum (broom) we got it out eventually.

5:43 PM  

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