Sunday, August 27, 2006

The request for updates

(This is a long one)

Yesterday 'Anonymous' asked for updates on projects that I've reported on in the past. Thank you for asking. I myself rarely look back at past projects, so being asked to look at them again, even just in terms of updating, is a good time for me to pay attention to ideas that possibly need to be revived one day.

THE MAXI PROJECT (see side bar of that link's page for links to the various interviews)
It's not that some of the 'reports' are hanging or have been discontinued. Some were just short projects in themselves and there will be no update unless I decide to do a part 2 (e.g. the maxi project). At the time I had intentions of carrying this project through to a larger stage (exhibition) but I did not. I can't remember why, now. Could have been 'time' - i.e. having to do 'have-to-do' type work often takes away from the time that could be spent developing projects that I begin working on and would like to continue. Could have been that other projects came along and took over due to greater importance, immediacy or energy required.

At this present time I do not feel moved (and do not have the time) to pursuse the maxi project further, but it doesn't mean it is completely abandonned. Some day when time, spirit and energy permit, I may find myself picking it back up and expanding it.


Some projects I started online to give an idea of what I was doing in the beginning stages ... but to continue with each one online is sometimes not possible, as so many happen concurrently. It will therefore seem as if I have discontinued some things when I haven't.

E.g. THE STEPS PROJECT:I decided not to continue online, but rather offline and 'on the ground'. The idea was really for everyone to do whatever it is they have to do to contribute to the process of personal and collective positive transformation. For me, there came a point where the next step was to stop recording it online and just do the work offline, on the ground, reaching out to the public physically. Not everyone has the internet and, quite often, the people who are really interested in action or who 'need' to be reached are those without internet. This decision marked the beginning of the Greenlight Network, for example. Through Greenlight, creative work with a defined purpose is done on the streets.


Some projects, I will admit, I myself am yet to find out more about (e.g. the KC story). After repeated calls and a lot of waiting, I finally got a call back from the relevant woman who said she would get back to me when she found out more about the KC story. To date she has not and, as usually happens, time and other commitments eventually take over and I am not in the position to keep calling back.


Some stories, like the abandonned puppies which I found, I have updated once or twice upon request but do not know much more about them at this stage. Some of them found great homes and are happy, some were in the TSPCA and most likely are now adequately re-homed as they were cute pups and I was assured that they would most likely be adopted (since "people go for cute pups rather than grown dogs").

If there is anything else updates are wanted for, just let me know.


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