Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I suppose different people have different reasons for having blogs. I don't know what those specific reasons are, but I would imagine that the main one is that a blog is an easy public forum for self expression.

Mine started on a whim and continued daily, becoming what now feels like a train station where my creative thoughts, projects and sometimes just simple everyday thoughts and experiences meet, interchange, pick up passengers (or not) and continue on their journey. It's personal in a way, yet it's not. I guess it maintains a kind of familiar abstraction. I don't deliberately try to make it one thing or another - it just ends up being what it is on any particular day, based on my mood, activities, thoughts (or lack thereof) or things that I may feel moved to speak out about.

My feeling of what could make it more 'alive' would be more interaction in a public sense. I think that is one reason for/advantage of blogs - the ability of readers to make immediate comments or begin or contribute to discussions. When reading a book or a newspaper one can make immediate comments but (if stated aloud) only the people in your immediate vicinity will hear you and respond (or not). You will not get a response to your vocalised comment from the writer or editor (unless they are there with you when you say it, which is hardly likely).

I often wonder why people read blogs. I guess in a way it's a bit like reading papers in the morning or during the day, catching up on 'news and current events'. I don't read many - just a few that belong to friends. I like the ones that are updated daily - it's a bit like opening a gift, seeing what is new. Now and then I also like to check in on Postsecret, which is updated every Sunday. But I suppose I'm generally not much of a 'surf the net' kind of person unless I'm specifically looking for something. Perhaps one day when I have some time I'll have a look at different blogs and see what intrigues me.


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