Thursday, August 10, 2006

M & M

Marianne & Mandela
Even though I've always thought that the " deepest fear" quote was from Mandela (as have many people), it is actually from Marianne Williamson. She herself (here) answers someone's question about the same issue of mis-attribution.

Money & Music
When I get in some of those cheques that are owed to me (clients), I'll buy a little portable CD player to have with me in the studio. Even though the quiet atmosphere is pleasant (save for the background banging of the nearby PVC warehouse people loading a truck once in a while) I miss having a little music when I feel for it.

Monologues & Monday
Yesterday was the fourth (or was it fifth?) class of the 6-week playwriting course I'm doing (2 classes a week). Homework for Monday is to write a monologue entitled "Stay or Leave?" Hmmm. And our overall assignment is to write a one act play. Have no idea what mine will be about yet.

Moon & Mist
Driving home last night the moon was full and shrouded by thick, misty clouds.

M & M's (the real ones)
Admittedly, I eat a lot of M & M's (the plain chocolate ones in the dark brown pack). Yesterday a newspaper reporter saw me eating a pack and she said "You love those kinds of things, don't you? M & M's and jelly beans. I always see you eating them. In fact, you gave me a pack of jellybeans once." (I can't remember doing that).

What 'M & M's' do you have in your life these days?


Blogger Webgrl said...

just wat a chick on a diet needs to see this morning
M&Ms!!! lol
funny i wont eat them if they come out of the pack as w's i'll put it back and hope it turns over into an M.
Yes i'm aware that i have issues ha!
Maybe you should write ur play on a girl who loves m&ms and jellybeans and eats them in a tree and sees the world in those perdy oversaturated colors.
shrug - i haven't had coffee yet.

9:50 AM  

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