Tuesday, October 31, 2006

HHHA2006 submission form

1. Nominee must be born in T & T (or must be a citizen) and must be living in T & T
2. Someone whose work or continued contribution has one or all of the following: a positive, healing, empowering, uplifting, progressive impact on our society and/or environment - on a micro or macro level. (Does not have to be a member of an NGO, CBO, etc. May also be an 'everyday' person or ‘regular citizen’ who regularly goes about doing good deeds without thought of recognition or reward).
3. Someone who, in spite of financial and/or other obstacles, continues to believe in good and work tirelessly towards the realisation of dreams and goals connected to (i) a particular cause or (ii) the betterment of life
*************** BEGIN SUBMISSION FORM*********************
Please copy and paste the below form into the body of e-mail, fill it out and send to

Your real name (or online pseudonym):

Your spot on the globe right now (T & T, USA, etc.):

Your e-mail:

Your website/blog address if any (a valid web address with evidence of the pseudonym must be supplied by those using an online pseudonym in order for their submission to be considered):

Your nominee’s name:

Your nominee’s field:

Your nominee’s e-mail:

Your nominee’s telephone number(s):

In 200 words or less (could be point form), explain why you have selected your nominee and why s/he should win the HHHA 2006.

*************** END SUBMISSION FORM*********************
Only one nomination per person
Deadline: November 17th, 2006

Anyone, local or foreign, may submit a nomination online, once their nominee is valid and fits the above basic criteria.

Thank you for your nomination.

Elspeth Duncan
Founder and Creative Director
Happy Hippy Productions


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