Monday, December 18, 2006

Clay quenk goes organic

(Gillian Goddard of Sun Eaters Organics contacted me yesterday and kindly offered to donate an organic hamper to the winner of the HHHA2006). Thank you, Gillian! She has written a little message saying more (below).


Hi Folks,
Sun Eaters Organics, my company, specializes in the purchase, sale and preparation of organic produce.

I've been following the whole HHHA process and have really been enjoying reading about it. When I was reading about the nominees I suddenly noticed how hard these people work - often with minimal financial reward - and decided to donate some organic goods to whoever won the award.

I completely don't want this hamper to be about free advertising so if you want to find out more about what we do you can either go to the website at or send an e-mail to to get on the mailing list.

However, I do want to say that those of us whose lives are similar to HHHA nominees deserve to give our bodies the best food that is available so that we can keep going for many years - and stay in very good health. So the award winner will get local and imported organic, completely chemical-free produce to add to their Christmas treats.

Here's what they will get in their 100% organic hamper:
1 lb carili
2 packs Annie's salad dressing
1 lb blue/golden/red potatoes
1 lb daikon
1 box Silk soy milk
2 lbs pumpkin
1 callalloo bush
2 lbs green fig
1 bag whole wheat flour
6 eggs
1 patchoi
1 lb eggplant
2 lb pawpaw
1 lb Pink Lady Apples
1 lb Roma tomatoes
1 bulb garlic

Lots of good eating and drinking to our Happy Hippy!



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