Sunday, December 17, 2006


Sorry for the delay, folks ...
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Today at 6 p.m., the judges will be meeting to go over the interviews they did with the nominees and their references (two each). The results of the Happy Hippy Hero's Award 2006 will therefore be announced during the course of next week ... just in time for Christmas.

The judging process has not been easy since each one of the five nominees is a wonderful woman doing great work. (Interesting that all submissions were for female nominees). Also, the actual judging process has been a learning one which took some time as we tried to iron out certain 'bumps'. This is good. We can only learn by trying, noting whatever problems arise, making whatever 'mistakes' are to be made and finding ways to address everything in a tighter way the next time around.

Which one of the below nominees will win this year's prestigious clay quenk trophy (made by last year's winner, Detta Buch)?

Catherine Chadee (Child Care)
Akila Jaramogi (Environment)
Kay Narinesingh (Community Service)
Patricia Roe (Dance Education)
Emma Sloaneseale (Social Work)

Stay tuned to Now is Wow and you will find out!
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Blogger Kiki said...

I wish my country were not so far away from yours. I'd love to meet all the nominees. K

1:33 AM  

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