Thursday, January 18, 2007

A shoulder to stand on

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Rainbow ... such a fascinating and endearing little creature. I notice pigeons more now when I'm out ... flying, perched on overhead lines, rummaging in the grass, strutting along pathways, cooing from some corner of a street or carpark. I look at them and think to myself : "One day Rain-Bee will look like that." When I'd named her Rainbow, I wasn't thinking about the fact that grown pigeons have rainbows on their necks. Yesterday I noticed she is developing little rainbow feathers.
And when I see crowds of pigeons (like by NFM or Fernandes Complex), I wonder what it will be like when Rainbow is one of the many. Will she see me driving or walking by and swoop down to tell me hello?
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Last night I spoke to a woman on the phone (to get advice). She and her husband are pigeon enthusiasts. She told me that when I try to free Rainbow, no matter how far I go, she will most likely find her way back 'home' (possibly with a mate, if she finds one). I don't mind her returning, but I'm concerned about her innocently hanging around the back garden with the dogs. She is already very trusting. I've tried to introduce them: Pippa looked a bit confused at first ("What's that?!") ... then she sniffed and wagged her tail at Rain-Bee. Bijoux took one look at her and immediately reached out to bite her head! I quickly took her away and didn't bother to introduce her to Hindi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww. :)
I like the idea of the pigeons coming back, as if no matter how far they can fly, they know where home is.

5:33 AM  

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