Friday, February 02, 2007

Yes, my Love.

Last night I dreamt I was walking toward a tunnel, intending to enter. The upper edges of the mouth of the tunnel had long icicles hanging from them, like glistening stalagmites. It was a beautiful winter scene. As I drew closer, the mouth of the tunnel transformed, becoming the mouth of a gigantic living shark. The icicles turned into huge, sharp teeth. I kept walking with calm determination, my intention being to enter. As I got closer, the shark's mouth suddenly started to move, ready to consume me. It reminded me of this. But, as the mouth opened wider and contorted, it became heart-shaped. The teeth still fringed it, but I kept walking, unafraid. I knew deeply that nothing would or could stop me. I knew: 'fear' is an illusion and being fearful of the illusion is a waste of energy. This realisation alone made up for and dissipated any fear I had ever felt in the past. I entered. The dream that followed, for what felt like the rest of the night until I woke, was indescribably wonderful.



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