Thursday, April 26, 2007

The beginning

Today I did something for the first time. Someone guided me on a special journey. My subconscious chose the destination. Funnily enough, despite my fear of heights, I saw myself walking on the narrow winding dirt path of a mountain close to the sky. To my right there was a thick temperate forest of towering pine trees. To my left, a sheer drop and then miles upon miles of towering pine trees in rolling valleys below.

Eventually I got into the heart of the forest, where light streamed down on me in shafts. There I sat on a rock in a clearing, removed my knapsack and took out the things I no longer needed. Before leaving, I packed my knapsack back with the things that I want. They were not much and they were lighter than what I had given up.

I then came upon a silvery body of water which reflected me. When I looked in, I saw my hair a few inches longer than it is now, sticking out like spiraling sun rays. My face was smiling and I looked bright and happy. I marveled at 'me' before removing my clothes and jumping into the water. It was like plunging deep into myself.

Emerging, I put back on my clothes and continued walking, feeling much lighter and glowing even more.

That was only the beginning.



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