Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The heat is on

The other day around midday I took a veggie pattie out of the freezer and left it to thaw. About 30 minutes later I returned to cook it, only to discover that it was already 'cooked' ... by the heat of the day.

Yesterday there was some minced soya on the stove in a pot. Every time I went and took some during the afternoon, it was warm, as if it had been heated slightly ... by the heat of the day.

What I am about to say below may sound pessimistic to some, so if you don't feel like reading on, don't.

I think the concept of 'hell' has nothing to do with a fiery place under the earth where the devil lives. The earth itself, once it is 'allowed' to heat up more, will be an unbearable, living hell. The 'fires of hell' could be global warming. The discomfort and horror of 'hell' could be the human madness/crime, natural disasters, the droughts, famine ... all of these things which we are seeing in 'small' yet increasing degrees. The inability to escape from 'hell' could be the fact that once the earth gets to such a point, there will be nowhere left to go ... unless man finds a way to live on other planets. If so, is mankind going to go to the Moon or Venus and start destroying them as well by polluting, plundering natural resources and constructing toxic industries and concrete jungles?

It's ironic that man destroys what is already here (nature) ... only to then go and find ways to 'invent' a poor imitation of it.

Perhaps the children of tomorrow will evolve, to be able to live on this planet. They will develop thicker, darker skin packed with melanin to deal with the intense sun. Or would they have no skin at all and just some kind of liquidy protective layer that is immune to heat ... or an internal cooling system ... or a reflective skin surface that deflects intense light rays back into the atmosphere? They may develop gills, enabling them to survive underwater when increasing sea levels swallow low lying islands. Their immune and digestive systems will be different, allowing them to comfortably eat and drink other things ... because 'regular' food may no longer be in existence ... due to extinction of animals traditionally reared for meat and lack of healthy soil and irrigation for growth of vegetable matter.

Having said all of that ... that kind of world may be a long way off, if ever. I prefer to believe that enough people and the 'right' people will wake up now to make the necessary changes to improve our ways of living on (and treating) this planet.



Anonymous Kelly said...

Your post makes me think of the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I do so hope we all wake up in time to turn this around and save our Mother.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous K said...

This post make me think of Octavia Butler's "Lillith's Brood", which I failed to convince you to read. Similarly, I think we earth beings will ultimately fail to save Earth. We too damn dotish!

6:07 PM  

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