Monday, April 16, 2007

Elton vs Akon

The Editor:

Where were all the pastors and their vociferous supporters when 'Prince' Akon conned those women into wining on stage (so they could win a trip to 'Africa') and filmed the entire scenario for the world to see on YouTube? Can we now expect a large paid advertisement from Pastor Cuffie ranting and raving against the fact that this 'international superstar' (not knighted, but 'royal') viciously wiped the stage floor and the speakers with the defenseless body of the young woman who had 'won' the first stage of the wining competition?

My sister sent me the link to that YouTube video. It is disgusting and degrading, to say the least. To think that this 'superstar' is allowed to come here and freely film this piece of 'entertainment' which looks like a violent rape being committed in time to music. He treats the young woman like a lifeless ragdoll, flinging her body around the stage, onto speakers and all over the floor with clearly no regard whatsoever for anything about her as a human being. Meanwhile, the crowd is heard laughing and cheering him on. (After all, wining and laughing at things that are not funny are part of 'we culture'). Perhaps those who were cheering were pleased to have an international superstar 'wining' to a soca beat and promoting 'we culture' over the internet, where it will get millions of hits and draw people to Trinidad, increasing tourist traffic for our new five-star hotels.

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Anonymous The TriniGourmet said...

akon's lyrics and personal sentiments (in interviews) are so sickening (as far as women are concerned) that i have little sympathy or empathy for any woman who would spend money to see him let alone freely volunteer to go on a stage and gyrate for him :\

10:12 PM  
Blogger Malik said...

I think this is in bad taste. Women should respect themselves and dont sell there bodies so cheap. Akon is a gr8 songwriter and singer, and being in that spotlight women will do anything for a slice of the cake. Akon is not to be blamed here at all, it's the women who let this happen should feel like the biggest April FOOL of all times

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is trinispy and others (like the 23 year old tini who posted on youtube) -all from Trinidad who posted pictures and video of this poor girl - This may be a petty attempt by locals themselves - a land of tricksters and smart men- Akon was wrong, but this material is from where - Akon - check the posters name and profiles

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not looking at her as a pastor's daughter alone, but I am looking at her as a young teenager, what was a 15 year old doing outside that hour the night with friends, I understand that young people need a social life to, but who are her friends? does her parents know this? She had to much priviledge for her age and her parents should have known her whereabouts. Don't try to cover up her mistakes, by saying that she was taken advantage of, if she had been with friends, then where were they? couldn't they have done something to defend her? I guess she needs to take a second look at who her friends are. There are no excuses to make that can protect her, she was wrong to be there. When you go to these sort of environment these sort of things are expected to happen, that was no place for a young child to be.

10:26 AM  

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