Monday, April 16, 2007

Let it rip

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Yesterday I was clearing out my old wallet which was bursting at the seams and falling apart. In transferring my money to the new wallet I'd bought the day before, I came across three of these passport size photos of myself, taken for an application form some time before I had cut my hair. (That day it was in the 'Pineapple' style, piled on top of my head).

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Along with old paper from some drawers which I was ripping and discarding (mini spring clean), I decided to also discard the passport photos (which I have no use for now). As I 'ripped myself apart', I observed how each piece of 'me' looked so different once it became detached from the whole. Rather than seeming destructive, the act symbolically felt freeing and full of possibilities.
Shedding skin.
No written manual
Tells me how
To re-arrange myself.

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