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Review of Greenlight concert in today's Guardian

The Guardian



The Greenlight Network staged an environmental concert featuring a diverse range of artistes on Saturday to coincide with World Earth Day.

Global warming also seemed to be the unplanned theme behind the Nature of Sound Concert held at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, Woodbrook.

The air-conditioning unit broke down once again, producing an actual global warming effect in the jam-packed indoor venue.

The concert, a compilation of environmentally and socially-conscious music, was the launchpad for the long-awaited environmental CD —Greenlight Network Vol 1—featuring an eclectic mix of 16 musicians and original artwork covers by local artists.

Mark Ng Wai, a talented 18-year-old reggae artiste and guitarist opened the show just after 6 pm, with an environmental song he wrote for the CD called Supreme Creator.

He was followed by punk rock band Anti-Everything, who stirred the audience with an exhilarating song from the CD entitled The Way We Live Our Lives, protesting against injustice, corruption and racism.

Don’t Panic also sang a song about racial unity, while a screen behind the stage projected images of people holding placards with Fix T&T, Fix Crime, and Every Creed & Race Find an Equal Place.

Founding member of the Greenlight Foundation Elspeth Duncan noted, “I am hearing a lot of songs about standing up for a cause and not being oppressed by those in power.

“We must allow our creative spirit to emerge, instead of our destructive spirit.

“We all have a heart and we all care or else we would not have been here. Everybody can make a little drop in the bucket,” said Duncan.

She said that the Foundation would be hosting an environmental concert on an annual basis.

Tie Dye Kitty, one of the newest pop/rock bands in T&T consisting of vocalist/keyboards Richard Hall from Orange Sky, guitarist/vocalist Sean Young Wing formerly of Smith Tuttle, bassist Arron Ramkelawan of Opium Mystic and drummer Triston Khan of Anti Everything, used this concert to make its premier appearance.

Coming out with a bang and a bunch of high octane adrenaline rush lyrics, they left a lasting impression on the audience.

Hall, who made jokes about osmosis evaporation as he wiped the sweat from his brow, sang a song he wrote for the environmentally conscious CD called Ask the Dust, which addressed the potential extinction of the plant.

Rahil Babooram came on next with a satirical composition about animal rights, drawing applause and laughter from the audience with such lyrics:

“Why must the animals bleed... don’t they realise one day it will be the other way around... and the animals will take you to town.”

He was followed by rock band 5 o’Clock Shadow which performed another track from the CD called Mother Nature’s Warning.

Mike Ross (of 95.1FM) and his two guitarists roused the audience with impressive vocals and lively, rhythmic tunes such as The Cleansing, awakening people about environmental pollution.

Jointpop, another local rock band, ended off the night with Who Shot Paradise, a catchy tune containing a strong environmental message which could also be heard on the CD, and The Water Supreme, a crowd favourite.

The limited edition CD, which also features Brother Resistence, Elspeth Duncan, Sheldon Manoo, Glenford Bhagat, Malik, John Pollard, Namid Lancaster and Ozymajiq, will be offered for sale at a cost of $100 at venues to be advertised.

For more information, please call

645-0016, 758-7915 or 789-0786.

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