Thursday, May 10, 2007

Known and unknown: Angels and Answers

(Canada Chronicles continued) ...Street sign at the corner of the road where the office is.

The 'known' part of today involves going into the office for a preproduction meeting on the documentary we are working on. On my way there I will stop off and walk the labyrinth, which I have generally been doing every day.

The 'unknown' part of the day will involve being open to angels. Long story, but this journey seems to be full of them.

Yesterday I was in a large bookstore looking for a particular book. After I found it, I was wandering around looking at other sections. In the New Age section a book called "The Soul's Answers" caught my eye. It was a thick blue book with different 'answers' (messages) written on each page. The idea is to use bibliomancy to find answers to your questions. I stood there flipping the book open at random, getting various answers - often cryptic. One page opened three times during my flipping. It said: Fall away from thought. I took that as my main message, not only because it was the only one that had repeated itself, but because it is applicable. I tend to overthink sometimes.

I then came upon a shelf of books on angels and read two short examples of women who asked their angels to make their presence known to them (so that they would trust certain directions in or aspects of their life). To cut the story short, the angels made themselves clear by sending particular signs indicating that they were at work and present.

I was ready to leave, so I put the book down and said: "Angels, give me signs that you are present and let your messages be clear to me." Something told me to open "The Soul's Answers" again before leaving ... and guess which page it promptly opened on.

Fall away from thought.

Later that afternoon I was riding on the subway with my cousin and I brought up the topic of angels, asking her if she believed in their presence as messengers, guides, etc. in our lives. I was saying that they 'speak' to us in different ways, but ... sometimes we're so busy going about with our own agenda and thinking what we want to think that we don't hear what they're saying or feel where they're guiding us. Call it angels, intuition or what ... we can also ignore it or get confused rather than simply trusting and listening.

About a minute after, a tall man in a black t-shirt came and leaned up against the see-through plastic partition near the door of the train. On the back of his t-shirt which was facing me directly, was a simple slogan written in white:

Are you listening?

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Ok, I just got goose bumps.

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