Friday, May 11, 2007

Liming late at Lula (revised, with a P.S.)

(Canada Chronicles continued ...)
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People Project performed first (at Lula Lounge), impressing the crowd with
their jazzy guitar styles, Sting-like vocals and vocal beat-box rhythms.
I'm blogging early today. My friends in Trinidad will be shocked to hear that I was out in a club last night and didn't get home until this morning. I myself am amazed that I made it past the 8 p.m. bedtime mark without falling asleep ... and I'm still wide awake at 1:58 a.m. The long daylight hours are tricking me into believing it's still 'early' ... and I find myself going to bed much later than I normally would.

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The innovative Kobo Town performed second, stirring the crowd with their fusions. A film crew from the office was there filming their performance, as they are one of the bands being featured in the documentary series on musicians.

It was refreshing being out at a nightspot and not choking on smoke fumes or going home smelling like a stale ashtray. Clubs in Toronto are smoke free. It was also refreshing not to have to consider any of the following on the way home:
(1) Is anyone strange following the car?
(2) Will a drunk driver flip the median or break a red light and slam into the car?
(3) Are bandits lurking nearby?
(4) Will I be kidnapped?

P.S. (6:43 a.m.)

When I woke up this morning (no matter how late I go to sleep I always wake up early), I thought about last night. I thought about how I'd ended off the blog post with the list of 1 - 4 potentially 'bad things about being out at night in TT'. Yes, they are unfortunate considerations ... and yes, unabashedly there are times when I think of TT and have no desire to go back ...

But ...

Last night I felt connected. Kobo Town has Trini members in it and they live in Toronto now. Last night as they played, their professionalism, talent, humility and joy at sharing their music was evident. It was not 'Trini' music, yet it was. I found it to be a fresh fusion of 'home' and other' influences. The crowd represented that fusion.

At one point as Kobo Town was playing, I got a strong sense of them in the moment: "This is what we love to do, it's what we are here to do and we are doing it the best we can." Something in my chest swelled up. Could have been pride, could have been tears, but was probably both.

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Anonymous Kelly said...

This post is so strong. I feel something very strong coming through from you here.

I didn't know those things about TT. I also underwent a sort of culture shock after moving here and it took a long time for me to let my guard down and enjoy feeling safe.

10:05 PM  

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