Saturday, June 09, 2007

Some Trinidad & Tobago Superstitions

Inspired by the cat superstition mentioned here, I was browsing the net and found this site listing some superstitions from TT:

1) Don't put goat mout' on something. Meaning don't speak of anything negative that has not happened as yet, because it might come true.

2) If done by a Barber/hairdresser with straight hair- the child's hair will end up being straight (considered to be "good" hair ) - If done by one with "hard" hair
( =curly hair)- and considered to be "bad " hair, the child's hair will turn out curly.

3) When pregnant- drinking a lot of chocolate milk will make the baby dark skinned- drinking milk instead, will make the baby looking fair

4) Whatever food the mother is craving at a given moment, she should be given it immediately, otherwise the baby will have a mark on his/her body which will resemble the food

5) Don't bathe in the sea on Good Friday- you will turn into a fish

6) When you menstruate, don't come near any plants, or touch them, they will surely die

Submitted by Claudette Matthews :

7) If you put your handbag on the floor/ground you will never have money

8) If your second toe is bigger than your big toe then you are going to
beat or rule your husband

9) When you comb your hair and what is left on the comb is thrown outside,
if a bird gets it and makes a nest, then you will get a headache

Submitted by Fabrizio Tobago) :

10) . There is no need to use a condom when having sex, because washing your penis after sex with Alovera (a skin cream made from the aloe plant ), is sufficient protection against getting AIDS.

Submitted by Helen Houle:

11) Never take out the trash after 6, you're taking the wealth out of your house.

12) Never give someone a lamp that you have used, it brings bad luck

13) Don't sew on yourself, (like a button) , it makes people talk bad of you

14) Do not sweep over someone's feet , they will never marry.

15) Do not cut your hair on odd days, like tuesday, thursday, saturday, same for trimming your nails, this is also leading the way for bad luck'

16) Don't cross over someone, especially if it is a female over a male or vice versa, it is possible for them to take your illnesses, or misfortunes that way.

17) Always put a hot pepper in food that will be travelling at night, that way you ward off the spirits from entering your home.

18) Always turn your back to the inside of the house when opening the door at night, that way the sprits that have followed you home, will see your face and will not enter

Submitted by Susan McLaugh

19)When a young lady first starts her period if you thread palm leaf around her fingers on her right hand and then cut the leaf between her fingers her period will only last three days .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

no wonder things go wrong for me...i should have known these things...LOL!!

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dees tingz rel kewl n unbelievable jed


3:40 PM  
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