Friday, July 27, 2007

A multi-layered night

Last night I dreamt I went to the home of a friend whose mother died recently. We were standing on a kind of dirt track outside his house and he had a strange little blue three-stringed instrument which he had made. What he was playing for me sounded phenomenal, actually. It was deep, full and resonant. I had never heard anything like it before. After playing it, he gave me the strange instrument and said it was mine.

We were then under an old time house which stood on stilts. There were the usual things that are under such houses: hammock, clothesline, chairs, etc. I was sitting on a chair and a quaint animal appeared. I have never seen anything like it before. It had long flowing white hair with some black - and very piercing but gentle black beady eyes. It's head was small in comparison to the size of its body. It was very drawn to me and seemed to have manifested specifically for me. Everything else seemed to disappear and my eyes remained focused on the animal. Moving in a strange manner, it kept approaching then retreating, eventually reaching to my side. It was wild, but extremely gentle and it trusted me. Even though it was an animal, its shape reminded me of someone I know. It's like the animal guise was merely a costume.

Then suddenly I was in the house of a girl who was an artist from some other country. She was visiting Trinidad, yet somehow the dream was not taking place here. She was staying in a simple house with large, open windows and doors. There was nothing to cover any of these openings. She had many large paintings all around her, leaning up against all of the walls - and she was working on one when I arrived. I went around looking through all of the doors and windows and I said to her "Do you realise that wherever you look there is an amazing view?" She said yes - it's why she lives there.

In particular, leaning through one of the doors, I saw a lovely old stone and wood house on a lush hill, not too far from where she lived. I was drawn to it and felt that I would be living there. It was one of those locations that I've dreamt before and which I know only in dreams.

Now that I'm writing this, I'm remembering that so many other levels of dreams took place last night. That's only the surface.



Anonymous Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

Oh, what wonderful dreams! It sounds to me like you are tuning into a very helpful instinctive part of you and are manifesting the visions of your artistic side. You are on the right track!

10:23 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Yes, I've been having good dreams lately.

4:29 PM  

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