Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rest in Peace

(Source of photo: Mirvish)

Last night I dreamt a friend of mine had died. I have not seen her in years as she now lives in England. In the dream there was a large outdoor funeral, almost like a cocktail gala in a grand garden, with rich guests. It was very much like her. At some point I went to the front where there was a microphone and I asked to share something with the huge crowd. I was just going to talk about her ... but you know how dreams are. They just switch suddenly.

Suddenly I was up on a stage (still in the garden) and the shoes I had on (some shoes I had bought in TO) were making me dance. I had no control over them and the crowd seemed taken aback that I would be dancing so joyfully at a funeral. Without warning (even to myself), the shoes took me gliding and twirling and spinning all over the stage in the long red dress I had on. It felt great. Then I started to show a video which I had on a DVD. In the dream apparently she and I had shot a video one day of ourselves talking and laughing, etc. (things we would normally do) and it had never been seen by anyone. Not even me. The funeral was the first place at which anyone would see it and see her since her death.

Anyway ... the dream went on ... and (in real life now) I will see if the number I have for her in London is still valid and call her today.

Then this morning as I awoke, meditated and opened up my laptop, quite by chance I stumbled across some news ... I didn't realise that Honest Ed Mirvish had died! He passed away on July 11th. Wow ... I remember when I was in Honest Ed's one day (when last in TO) looking at all the photos of him, of the celebrities who knew and loved him, reading about all the amazing things he had done and given to others and marveling that he had lived so long and was still going. It was moving and inspiring. I remember thinking that the reason he had lived so long was because he must have had such a full life .. meaning-full, beauty-full, purpose-full, love-full. I can just imagine what a great, moving and no doubt fun celebration there will be for him on August 12th. Maybe there'll be a huge stage with people dancing in long red dresses and showing videos!

Read about his memorial.





Anonymous Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

I'm so glad you insisted we go there, or I wouldn't have known about his huge contributions to the city and to Toronto theatre.

4:27 PM  

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