Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally ...

Invisible illustration by Liu
The HIV 'piece' (Invisible) is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. By Tuesday it should be done (at least an edit that can be viewed by a focus group). Many challenges arose and twists and turns occurred as it meandered its way into existence. It is a mere ten minutes long ... a sniff of a teaser when one considers the depth and breadth of the world these children live in.

The production is simple. The small budget just about bought Karishma, my new camera and left some extra for 'miscellaneous'. I had also met a visiting woman/teacher/artist from Canada (Joanna) who wanted to help and kindly donated a small sum of money towards the project. Her contribution bought us mini dv tapes, paid for gas and food on the long drives to Point Fortin and wherever else, bought snacks and drinks for children ... and other little necessary odds and ends. A little went a long way.

I think in the case of Invisible, a little (i.e. ten minutes) will also go a long way. With a larger budget something 'more' or 'longer' could have been done ... but I wonder if something longer and more elaborate would have achieved more at this stage. I feel Invisible is meant to be just what it is right now - a small key opening a door to who knows what or where.

Invisible does not give answers. Sometimes the questions that are raised can give more insight, be more of a catalyst and have more of an effect than conclusions.

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Anonymous Kikipotamus said...

Congratulations on being close to the end of production. Very nice illustration by Liu.

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