Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Launch of Heartbeat

(Still here) ...

Check it out. Tonight on Bravo Canada, Ledaserene Films launches Episode 1 of their Heartbeat series. Episode 1 features Master Drummer Muhtadi. It's the episode I helped work on when I was in TO earlier this year.

Congrats to the company and wishing a successful run of the series.

It was the Muhtadi experience that inspired me to purchase Dandelion when I was in TO ... and that in itself opened up so many wonderful worlds and experiences - meeting new friends, busking downtown to raise money for the Asian elephants, drum circles, classes, etc.

And even back here in TT, Dandelion exposed me to drum classes, stickfighters, tassa drummers and more.

Ironically, just this morning, I looked at her sitting in the corner of my room and thought: "I haven't drummed in ages!"

Time to bring Dandie out again.

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