Monday, December 10, 2007

Book of Me

As I opened up Blogger to blog, I thought: "What did I blog about on December 10th 2006 - one year ago?"

I checked and it was my review of 'By the River Piedra I sat down and wept' the day I had finished reading it. I remember how captivated and mesmerized it had me at the time.

I wonder if I had read it this year if it would have had the same impact. Maybe, maybe not. I would have found it a well-written book, but emotionally it may not have connected with the same power, because my emotions feel different at this point of this year.

I wonder what book would connect with me as I am now. Or, if someone wrote a book with me as the main character, what would that character be doing, saying, thinking, feeling? What would the plot be? And if I read that book, would I recognize the character clearly as being me? Maybe the author would see things about the character that I, being the character, don't see from the objective perspective.

Hmmm ... would it even be an interesting book?

The character of Me hasn't done anything interesting or exciting lately. At least not in a mountain climbing or bungee jumping sense.

Would a book about me keep me up all night past my bedtime, straining to read it just because I am unable to put it down? Might depend on how the book is written. Something poetic and simple with beautiful symbolism and magical realism can captivate me, even if 'nothing' is happening.

At this point of the Book of Me, what is the question that needs to be asked/answered in order to propel the plot forward? What is the catalyst? The turning point? What decision does the main character make? What theme needs to be developed? Etc?

What would you like to see happen in the next chapter?



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