Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Busks for tusks update

In Toronto earlier this year.
Those of you who were reading the blog when I was in Toronto earlier this year will remember when Nancy and I were drumming near Dundas Square to raise money for the Asian Elephants.

The other day I got an e-mail from a woman called Connie who said she had seen her site featured on my blog and was curious about why and about how I had been involved in saving the elephants.

I wrote back and told her that I had linked to her site in connection with the drumming (busks for tusks) and she excitedly wrote back, sending information on the cause for me to disseminate. Basically she is reaching out to anyone who can help to raise awareness about the plight of the elephants. Think about it. In some small way you may be able to assist. Even if it means just featuring it on your blog. You never know who could be reading it ... who may be able to do something really effective.

Just this morning I was thinking of the difference between human and animal suffering. This thought was ignited because of that horrific video about the senseless clobbering of the seal pups. (Those of you who dare to watch it can see it here. I didn't watch further than 2 seconds into it). The thing about humans is that, in some life-threatening situations, they can talk, probably bargain their way out, call for help, etc. Animals have no way of doing this. They are at the mercy of man. Man either destroys them or saves them.

Connie's plea is driven by the sad fact that within two decades the Asian elephant could be extinct. Those who are interested in helping in any way possible can make contact through her site.

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