Monday, December 31, 2007

Peak experience on Pigeon Island

(St. Lucia log, cont'd ...)

Mother Nature knows what we need. On Saturday she gave us the rain because she thought it was best for us to stay indoors, eat snacks and be lazy and introspective. Yesterday she gave us brilliant sun and cool breezes to cure our cabin fever. We took a ride on a small boat (operated by a man called Dave) to Pigeon IslandI loved Pigeon Island. It's beautiful: dotted with old stone ruins of forts and dungeons, wild grasses, flowers, trees, a rough craggy coastline on one side, gentle lapping waters on the other, winding pathways leading to lofty peaks. The photo shows the view from one of the peaks on the island. Everywhere you look in St. Lucia there is a peak.
Ditto (view from peak). One of the more touristy shots you would ever get from me.
At the top of one of the peaks there was a small dungeon-like ruin. I took the steep wooden steps and went down into it. This image reminds me: The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. (Winston Churchill)
My friend Mel peers down into the dungeon: "Spec, where are you?"
"Here I am."
After descending from the peak, we ate lunch (tuna sandwiches, egg & cheese sandwiches, chocolate ice-cream), lounged/dozed under some trees while our food digested, went into the sea ... and by then it was time to go to the jetty to wait for Dave to pick us up (4:00 p.m. St. Lucia time, not Trini time).

Waiting for Dave on the jetty (I)
Waiting for Dave on the jetty (II)
Waiting for Dave on the jetty (III)
Waiting for Dave on the jetty (IV)
Waiting for Dave on the jetty (V)



Blogger Lynn said...

Elspeth, I came by to wish you a Happy New Year. May it bring you good health and happiness and may your creativity florish.
Thank you for all your connections in blog to blog time, I am happy to have found you here.
Love all these beautiful photos of your beautiful self today too.
Enjoy that wonderful vacation you are on. Smart to go to the sun.


12:29 PM  
Blogger Hope said...

Happy New Year!!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous rainbowjen said...

Ms E!!
Your pictures show your joy!
Thank you for sharing
Have a wonderful 2008

12:20 AM  

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