Friday, March 04, 2005


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This little chat on the South Quay stand was with Shiraz, the four-day-a-week driver of spanking new yellow band maxi Annie Juvenile.

Happy Hippy: How long you've been driving maxis?

Shiraz: 'Bout three years. Not this one. Ah does drive different maxis. As you could see dis is a brand new maxi dey buy. Ah does drive two maxis, actually. Ah does drive a nex' one an' ah does come an' help out meh pardner ...

HH: The other one has a name?

S: We eh put a name on de other one as yet.

HH: Did you name this one?

S: No, my pardner named it.

HH: Can you tell me the meaning behind the name?

S: Well, I ent too sure. Ever since about like five years ago when he was in de maxi business he just decide to name it dat because he had a maxi before and he named it Juvenile. It's just a name dat does come up in dey head.

HH: As the person driving it does it have any meaning to you personally?

S: No, not really ... is jes a name.

HH: Just a name. Okay.

S: But at de same time you go look to get a good name too, nah ... to look good on de road.

HH: Yeah ... When I look at it, I'm trying to look at the names and see well ... what did people mean by it? Some of them you could tell definitely they meant something ... but when I look at Annie Juvenile, I wonder ... did he know somebody called Annie who was a juvenile?

S: Could be ...

(Both laugh)

HH: Thanks.

Tune in tomorrow ... for some horse power!

- Happy Hippy -


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