Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Munuhhhhhhhh ... a.k.a. "Morning"

When I was in St. Vincent/Bequia, one thing that struck me was the way that people (complete strangers) would go out of their way to say a cheerful "Good morning!" In St. Vincent I stayed with my Aunt (Auntie Jean) and early on the two mornings I was there, I would sit on her verandah watching people pass. Inevitably, they would all look up at me from the street and wave cheerfully, calling out "Good morning!" and smiling. Why it struck me is because this generally does not happen in Trinidad.
When I go for my walk in the morning, I say good morning to everyone I pass. No, I say "Morning" ... which, as a friend and I were discussing recently, is different from saying specifically "GOOD morning." Just saying "Morning" could mean good, bad, indifferent morning. Fill in the blank morning? "__________ Morning." But generally when I have heard people saying good morning here, most tend to say "Morning." I find older people tend to say "Good morning!" Especially older women who say it in a sing-song voice as though you are a sweet little child: "Good moorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning, darling/baby/babes!"
So this morning on my walk, as I said "Morning" to people who passed by, I noted the following responses from them:
* "Morning!" (cheerful response accompanied by smile)
* Munuhhhhhh (reluctant, mumbled response with head tucked down and eyes averted)
* Mmmmm (hurried, absent-minded response)
* ________ (no response at all even when I repeat myself)
* People who smile and say "Morning" before I get a chance to.
Have a good morning/day/evening/night.


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Good Morning El... :-)

blessings on your day

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