Sunday, November 20, 2005

How $10 led me to the trophy

For those who don't know, since last year I have never spent a $10 bill (TT) . Whenever I get one, I put it in my piggy bank - until the piggy bank is full. Then I take the $10 notes out, parcel them into $100 bundles and deposit them in one of my savings accounts. Last year I made a few thousand dollars doing this. It has become so automatic now that I no longer "see" $10 bills. If a $10 bill is in my wallet along with a $5 bill, as far as I am concerned, I only have $5 in my wallet. The $10 is 'already' in my savings account. Thanks to my friend Fran for introducing me to this method of saving. It's actually easy and exciting to see how quickly you accumulate lots of money from simply saving $10 bills. Actually ... there was one time that I gave someone a $10 bill (she needed it and I had it - and she said she would give me back 'a $10') - but I put a $100 bill into my piggybank to make up for having broken the trend somewhat. So, you could say that spending or using a $10 bill costs you $100 and actually turns out to be even better for the savings account.
Why I'm telling you this story is because yesterday morning I was emptying out my clay piggy bank - because it was overflowing with $10 bills and I couldn't fit any more through the slot. As I emptied it out, I counted up exactly the amount (plus $10) for which I was planning to write a Happy Hippy cheque (to present to the awardee)! I was amazed. It was confirmation that this was indeed the amount to give. And then it struck me ... The HHH Award trophy for this year could be a piggy bank.
Ideally I would have liked to get a raw clay piggy bank and paint it myself (more organic and handmade), but I drove around and could not find any raw clay ones. In fact nowhere that I went seemed to have any kind of piggy bank. I eventually wandered into a toy store and found this large, bright pink plastic specimen. It may not be very organic in that sense, but I've given it simple, special touches of my own - to make it a symbolic, interactive 'trophy'. The trophy that keeps on giving ...
Don't judge a piggy bank by its cover.
It's what's inside that counts.

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The smiling face and eyes of this piggy bank symbolise (i) the benevolence and the kindness of people who will come forward to give further to the cause (ii) the satisfaction of seeing dreams become realities through increased funding and assistance in/from other realms.
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Full frontal shot
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Left side view showing handwritten 'HERO' (permanent marker). As the saying goes: "Don't watch this piggybank slight, yuh know!" It may look simple, but it will help to achieve great things!
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Right side view showing simple prayer for miraculous multiplication of all that is given with good intentions.
The pig may look small in the photos, but it's actually much larger than the average piggy bank (a little over a foot long and about 8 inches high). There's a small sticker under it that states it holds $800 worth of quarters. I am thinking of using a 'piggy bank' as the concept for future Happy Hippy Hero's Award commemorative items - whether miniature (symbolic only) or large (symbolic and practical). It will symbolise prosperity and accumulation of good things. I like the traditional pig shape (after all it is a piggy bank) - but a special touch can be added each year to give each pig/trophy (whether purchased, handmade by me or comissioned) a unique style of its own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very commendable.

10:38 AM  
Blogger Kaivalya said...

Symbolic and unpretentious...I like it! The 'mantra' reflects the strength of your intention.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow ....i would never look at a piggy bank the same again...i take the simpliest things and give it such deep meaning...gosh...i wish you could post this mantra up somewhere..that more people could see it...

Knowing is priceless

10:37 PM  
Blogger Mirari Coaching and Consulting Services said...

I'm loving that $10 idea :) Think I'm gonna use it :)

12:28 PM  

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