Saturday, December 17, 2005

L is for ...

Location: London
Weather: Sunny, lovely long shadows, refreshingly nippy

LONDONERS. I wonder if any Londoners have found any of the post its I left on the public transport. If they have, they have not responded. If you are reading this and you are one of the Londoners, feel free to respond in a comment or e-mail. I would love to send you a CD as a Christmas gift.
LOVELY. Had a lovely time last night at a 5 rhythms dancing session near Russell Square. Rose and I went after editing and had a great time. I had been to 5 Rhythms once before, with my friends Laura and Ed, when I was here in 2004. It's a great experience and lots of fun, very freeing and energizing.
LUNCH. Having lunch with my friend Andrew. We will be bringing out cameras with us for old times sake. When we were studying together at Cambridge we used to go out with our cameras and shoot photos all day. As quickly as we finished a roll each, we would take it to be developed, get a free roll (with the developing) and start all over again.
LIVE. Live and direct is the only way to really experience Christmas somewhere, but I tried to briefly explain Trini Christmas to Anonymous (whoever you are) in yesterday's comments. If any other Trinis reading this can add to the explanation (anything I left out), please do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gave a pretty good description of Trini Christmas, except that you left out the 'shop 'till you drop' part and the endless traffic jams and the 'mopping' (as we call it) when people visit as many people as possible drinking and eating as much as their bodies can hold.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Malaika said...

yea u really did give a good description...
plane tickets-$$$$$$$$
Gifts -$$$$
Food -$$$
Being in Trini with my family-PRICELESS.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

That's true. (But shop till you drop and endless traffic jams also apply to the rest of the year unfortunately ...)

2:21 PM  

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