Friday, December 09, 2005

Snowless Boot Christening

Location: Brixton, England
Weather: Misty, grey, crispy cold (or cripsy cold, as some Trinis would say)
When I woke up early this morning and stepped outside it was cold, misty and beautiful. Everything was swallowed in the haze (trees, buildings, cars, people) , looking like a vast watercolour painting. I succumbed and wore my new snow boots to go to Tesco's and buy some bread and water. I have been wearing them since (i.e. the boots, not the bread and water). It's like my feet are buried in quilts and I'm walking on cushions.
Today is the last day with the first school and tomorrow we begin with the second.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If u don't mind me asking how old is your father today?
also on your journey away from the islands do you find that your creative juices flow more or that you are so overwhelm with the mass media that u really are not able to focus?
Some Music worth getting while you are over seas.
Dizzee Rascal-A Brits rap artist...very positive a bit hard to understand if u not accostom to the accent. Single: (stand up)

M.I.A- very hot on the scene now...are music is different and it is very political.i think u would enjoy the beats single: (Galang)

Annie- Techno...strictly techno Single: (Heatbeat)

So in your free time when u are out window shopping.. have a listen to some of Brits finest artist.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

1. He is ageless.
2. I have not felt my creative juices flowing in any increased way. Maybe when I return to "the islands" and settle back down I will be inspired in a latent way. I am not overhwlemed by the mass media, but more amazed by observing the people and the way they rush through life, looking so absorbed, so separate from each other - many of them so tense and expressionless. I wonder "Where and why are they rushing?" I'll check out the music you've suggested.

7:54 AM  

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