Monday, January 09, 2006

New Year, New Life

I have been toying with the idea of buying a new guitar for a while now. My current guitar is 26 years old, sounds dull and tired and the low E string rattles against the first top metal bar on the fretboard. However ... this is a faithful guitar and has played a major role in helping me to compose all of my songs. So I decided to go the refurbishment route and give my guitar new life.

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My guitar, sitting in the passenger seat, goes for a 'makeover'. All of the stickers are over two decades old (except for the UK one, which is 2 years old).

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It looks like a simple place, but they do magic inside.
On Saturday, I took my guitar to The Music Shop on Oxford Street, P.O.S. A while ago I had given a friend an old mashed up guitar that a migrating friend had given me (telling me to "use it in a piece of artwork or throw it away because it is beyond repair"). My friend took it to Music House and they fixed it up like a dream. The tone was so sweet and ringing that it was surreal. I know they will do a great job with my guitar.

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The stickers are off ...

The women in the shop, Elizabeth and Patrice, gave me great customer service and were very personable. When I encounter good customer service I will mention it, because it is such a rarity in TT these days. Whilst we chatted, Elizabeth helped me to peel off the stickers and, on a bill, wrote a list of all that would have to be done: change tuning pegs, change strings, glue down base (lower part of body was peeling back slightly), change bone, change "knot" (whatever that is) and sand down body but don't varnish (since I want to paint it when I get it back).

I'll get my "new" guitar back in about 2 weeks and the job will cost me roughly $300.



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