Friday, January 06, 2006

Drive by Shooting

I often wonder at some of the terminology used in the media/areas of the creative industry -derived from words which, depending on their context, can be seen as negative or destructive in everyday life (yet used to create) ... E.g. Violent (Let's shoot this) ... Injurious (Cut here) ... Fast paced/speedy (Zoom in/out) ... Like sudden extremes of weather (Brainstorm) ... Explosive (Boom mike) ... and more. Then again, it has traditionally been a predominantly male industry.

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The above image is the one I liked best from yesterday's 'round' of shooting. From a distance I noticed three or four massive cranes towering into the sky where #1 Woodbrook Place is being built. They looked majestic and proud, yet invasive. I stuck my camera out of the window and shot them as I drove by. When I looked at the image later (when I'd stopped the car of course), I was surprised to see that I had captured only one of the cranes ... and along with it, a telephone post with a vine growing over it, mirroring the shape of the crane. It says to me: man is destroying Nature in order to build his own structures ... whilst Nature quietly tries to build herself back in the midst of it all.


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