Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Day, New Year... and BWIA wins again

First of all, a Happy New Day to all. To most of the world, it's also another year. The energy of resolutions being made is echoing around the globe ... so, I suppose all the more reason to intend to 'change' something about life as it is (for the better). The man sitting next to me on the BWee flight home (Fergal, from-Ireland-but-living-in-England-for-past-ten-years-and-coming-to-TT-for-the-first time) asked me what my resolutions were for 2006. I don't have a resolution per se ... but I told him about a phrase I had seen whilst browsing through a book (The Power of Now) ... I think it was: Yes. This I know to be true. Upon reading it I had decided that this would be my 'resolution', as it encapsulates what I want to feel about the things I do, say and experience this coming year.

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View through window of BWee plane as we flew into Trinidad on Old Year's evening

Anyway ... despite BWee's tendency to be delayed, I still vote them my favourite airline. It's the little homely, human touches that make them special and make the frustration of delays and seats that often feel uncomfortable-for-sleeping-on-long-flights fade into oblivion.

When we touched down in Bardabos, one of the stewardesses came onto the intercom and said, in all seriousness: "Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please. We would like you to do us a favour and join us in song ..." She then struck up a lusty rendition of "Auld Lang Syne". Most of us joined in, followed by clapping and the voice over the intercom shouting out "Happy New Yeeeeeeeeear!"

When we touched down in Trinidad a little over an hour later, she came back on the intercom and invited us to sing with her again ... "but this time LOUDER, ladies and gentlemen! And I want everyone singing! Come on!" What followed was everyone singing at the top of their lungs, ending off with rowdy clapping, cheering and shouts of HAPPY NEW YEEEEEEEEEEEEAR! The stewardess herself was saying it so loudly that her voice was distorting on the intercom. It was a lovely welcome home and a warm way of saying goodbye to 2005 ... hello to 2006.



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