Saturday, February 18, 2006

Shining Through

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The sun through the holes in the metal sheeting creates pinprick patterns of light on the floor. This is what will happen when the metal sheeting is on the lowest pane of the window lamp, with the lamplight shining through.
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Usually each window inspires some kind of 'poem' which embodies its essence. For example,
the lamp called 'I AM', inspired the following: All of a sudden the moment became impulsive. It grabbed you and pulled you through the door that led to Somewhere. Afraid of not knowing, you held back from flowing, but the moment would not be ignored. "FEAR NOT, it said, pulling you further. Relax as I hold you, I am here to unfold you. Open and find who you are. That window had to do with 'fear' and the fact that it can keep us back from things that actually empower us. Hence: do not fear.
Go here to explore a few different window lamps.
I won't write on this current window (I've since removed the writing I'd done on the metal sheeting). But, it did transmit/inspire this 'message' which I will somehow incorporate:
I come from a place that is not known ... and yet it is.
In silence I speak.
In darkness I see.
In stillness I move
Like a rock.
To me this represents something that is yet to be realised within (me, you, whoever encounters the lamp) - a deep 'place that is not known' in a tangible, everyday way ... yet it is, it exists. In silence I speak seems to represent what is realised in the silence of meditation ... In darkness I see indicates the strengthening of the third, non-physical eye, the intuitive ability to sense and know even when you cannot 'see' with your physical sight (reminiscent of that saying: Faith, not sight) ... In stillness I move like a rock is again the 'result' of that meditation - the solidity of being centered whilst being moved by Spirit and the ability to be 'like a rock' in the midst of everyday life, the act of trusting.
So far, this is the message I am picking up from this window lamp. It is the message which will be shining through.



Anonymous theglasshermitage said...

This is so interesting. Will you remove that bottom pane of glass if you are using the perforated metal sheet as a pane? Great poem too!
P.S Can I “borrow” Pippa sometime?

11:12 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

I didn't even think of that (removing the glass behind the metal sheeting). I will be leaving it there. I only remove a pane if it is really cracked, falling apart and therefore dangerous. In cases where the glass is somewhat cracked, I've uses plaster of Paris bandages (which can create an interesting effect). I may have to do that for the top pane of this lamp which has a large crack. Re Pippa - yes, she's cute, isn't she?

12:26 PM  
Blogger Kaivalya said...

I found the poem about 'fear' so compelling and moving that it followed me throughout the day and lingered in my thoughts.

In fact, as I taught my morning yoga class, I set the intention of 'courage' for my students.

6:52 PM  

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